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Welcome to WACO

WACO is a registered Construction Company in Kenya since 2013, its purpose and aim of existance is to perform construction work in the National, commercial, industrial, municipal, highway and private sectors in East Africa.

The companys leadership comprise of experts in Pavement Engineering and Waterproofing Technologies which provides a confident base for reliable project and service delivery to the highest standards, our expertise are in the following technologies Asphalt Surfacing Solutions, Waterproofing Solutions and Sports Surfacing Technologies Click here to download our company profile.

WACO engineers are seasoned professional in niche cost effective green technologies and are ready to provide you with consultative solution to suit your budget and resolve your engineering challange at hand. Kindly contact us through our Contact Page.

Specialists in WACO SlurrySeal ®, WACO Roadmarking ®, WACO Waterguard ® & WACO Sportstech ®